Under the Table

Table Talk emerged in the silent, isolated corners of a pandemic, when long conversations, the kind that blur daily schedules, were greatly missed. It attempts to fill these silent moments with stories that use a plate of food to weave personal histories with our understanding of the world.

We are deeply grateful to everyone who shares their story on this platform, as if we’re sitting across a table, just having had a warm meal. We also want to thank everyone, who through words and visuals is pushing boundaries of how we see our plate of food.

We’re watching and we’re listening.



Concept and Words


Adhishree plays with words and storylines to do justice to all the people who agree to share their stories with her. Silent meals make her nervous so she always has a few bad jokes to throw around, just in case.


Visual Sorcery


Shivani uses her unique design sensibilities to bring stories to life. She works insane hours to get things to look to her exact liking. 90’s Bollywood playlists usually get her through the tough bits.

︎ @shivaniparasnis